What is the logic behind ARTT?

Everything starts in your mind and ends in your mind. Our bodies and our lives are governed by our minds.

If you look at life you will notice that; no matter what was lived, the only thing experienced are feelings. Everything around you, your body and even thoughts help you feel some kind of feeling. As we experience negative events and thoughts settle into the body and create energy as they become heavier and stronger, creating a disorder in their physical location causing physical or psychological illnesses. This is to help us wear out and die so as we can go back to the Core Source.

Actually our true objective in life is to uncover, find and live our core self which is the breathe of God.

But the energy codes (feelings and thoughts) embedded in our DNA which are what our ancestors have lived, are like a curtain covering our core self of pure consciousness just like a veil covering our eyes and we can’t see the truth of our being. This way we live a story which isn’t ours and then we yearn to go back to the source.

To uncover and live your “Core self” the dual veils which are the opposite feelings and thoughts we live, have to be neutralized so as they become “one” and return to their original state. This is when the veils will rise and uncover your consciousness permanently. That is when one can live their core self which is the natural state of happiness, stability, success, strength, confidence, serenity, love and joy.